Trip to Plano for a concert

My mother in addition to I really care about going to concerts together.

My buddy and I agree that staying local is a must unless the band is something to really write home about.

The Rolling Stones, my friend and I ended up flying to Plano Texas to see them. They were a bag list for me… I appreciate all their music in addition to they won’t tour forever you know. So I researched in addition to Plano is where I landed on to go. It was the closest to our state in addition to the location seemed really nice. I figured since the two of us were flying into Texas, my friend and I might as well make a trip out of it, however for a weekend my friend and I stayed in Plano in addition to really loved it. The first night was the concert. Then the rest of the trip my friend and I shopped, ate at cute restaurants, in addition to walked around the city. It was very pretty, clean in addition to the people were friendly. I was shocked by how hot the weather was too. I am not used to that dry type of heat. Thankfully everywhere my friend and I went there was air conditioning going full blast. The only snag in the concert was an outdoor one. I was covered in sweat buckets the whole time. They had overhead fans going however that didn’t really help matters. I felt bad for the bad that was wearing all black in addition to pants up there… You would guess that they would have a unusual outfit for a Texas site. If I had to perform I would be in a tank top in addition to swim trunks.


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