Tune up services for the AC include the ductwork and the machine

It’s the beginning of the month of June and my family and I have been using our air conditioner everyday of the week.

Temperatures are extremely hot and humid and it has been at least more than 90° every day.

The humidity makes everything much worse. We’re close to the water and that means that there is a lot more humidity trapped in the air. The moisture makes the air feel heavier. The HVAC system has to work much harder when there is heavier air and humidity. When I noticed some strange noises coming from the AC unit, I decided to contact an Evansville HVAC provider. I scheduled a tune-up with the Evansville HVAC service company. They came to my home in order to check the electrical and mechanical parts of my air conditioning machine. I thought that the service tune up was a fantastic way to go, because the system was evaluated and checked and I got to figure out what was wrong with the strange sound that I heard. The Evansville HVAC mechanic didn’t find too many problems with the unit. He said that the coils looked relatively brand new. He also checked the motor belt and the refrigerant levels. When the guy was done with the system update, checked the ductwork and the air filter. The HVAC mechanic gave us a clean and fresh air filter to keep all of the dirt and dust from entering the system. It had easily been a couple of months since we last changed the air filter, so I was happy to get a new one for free.

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