Unlike Florida, you can actually afford a cannabis license in Michigan

My intentions going into college were to become an electrical engineer and work for a large company for the rest of my life. When I started taking my math and science courses, I realized that I was cut out for being an engineer of any kind, let alone one working with electricity. That’s when I changed my major from electrical engineering to business. The thought of being an entrepreneur of some kind seemed like a dream come true, especially since I initially had ambitions to open a restaurant. After going through the expenses to get started in the food service industry, I decided to change my goals. Instead of trying to become a famed restaurateur, I would settle to simply be a successful cannabis business owner in Washtenaw County. Thankfully regular people can afford cannabis licenses in the state of Michigan. In Florida, licenses are millions of dollars and you need even more money to invest in growing facilities, packaging facilities, and retail stores. Because Florida imposes vertical integration on its cannabis market, companies must operate from seed to sale and become corporations overnight, unless they’re bought out by out-of-state weed corporations looking to get a stake in the market. Ann Arbor by contrast is full of small businesses selling cannabis, with some of them being phenomenal at what they do. There’s a great dispensary by the University of Michigan North Campus that offers sales on cannabis flower products every other Saturday. They also carry strong batches of live rosin made out of cannabis hashish. The other dispensary that I frequent is on the south end of Ann Arbor near the border to Saline.

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