Vacationing all throughout California

My husband and I love traveling around the world. Due to COVID our options are limited. So that means staying within the 50 United States. I love going places that are warm with plenty of things to do. Naturally we have gone to California a few times. We have been to San Fran, San Diego, and LA. Last time I was in LA I wanted to see Beverly Hills. I mean I heard the Weezer song after all and I wanted to be there. I looked up fun things to do in Beverly Hills, CA. Turns out there is a lot. You can eat at a lot of famous restaurants, go to clubs, shop on Rodeo Drive and partake in legal weed. I was very excited about recreational cannabis use. On a trip I don’t really like to travel. Taking in empty calories and getting messed up don’t appeal to me. Recreational cannabis on the other hand is a whole new animal. With recreational weed it is easy to not overdo it. You can smoke it, eat it or apply it directly to the skin. It is so versatile. My husband and I also don’t get access to legal weed all the time. We live in a medical weed only state, so we don’t really get to smoke that often. It made our Beverly Hills trip that much more special since we got to do something that we love but is rare for us to do. We enjoyed getting a bit lit in our hotel room together.


Marijuana Pick-up Beverly Hills CA