Vegas is constantly popping, even at night

A lot of people visit Vegas every single day of the week, but I live and toil in the village and the bright lights don’t bother me at all, vegas is constantly buzzing while I was in the day or at night… Periodically when my friends and I have a Wednesday night off, we love to go to the strip and walk around, then even while I was in the weekdays, there are lots of crazy things to see… Just a handful of mornings ago, my friends and I went to the strip to grab some drinks and go to the casino, on our way down there, we stopped at a marijuana dispensary near me! The marijuana dispensaries near me have cheaper prices than the ones that are right near the strip, but if you want to get the best prices on marijuana in Las Vegas, you have to shop around and look.

  • The prices can vary by more than nine or twenty percent occasionally.

There are at least 10 odd marijuana dispensaries and many of them offer delivery services. If you open up the casino hotel FAQ book, possibilities are it’s going to be a locale with high prices. I actually assume that the hotel gets a split of the funds, but my friends assume that I am crazy… We partied all night on that Wednesday, even after all of the shops and bars closed down. We took the celebration into a casino where they provided us free drinks, shots, and beers all night long. It’s hard not to live in Las Vegas for a long time without developing some type of gambling or drinking addiction.


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