Waiting for recreational dispensaries to open in New York

Every since turning fifty, I’ve been dealing with the side-effects of menopause.

I get hot flashes throughout the day.

Without any warning, I begin feeling extremely overheated. I sweat profusely. My clothes and hair become wet. The hot flashes are far worse at night, making it difficult to sleep. I also struggle with frequent insomnia. I go to bed and just lay there for hours, unable to fall asleep. Once I manage to drift off, I typically wake up in an hour or two and start the process over again. Another symptom of menopause is leg cramps. They also are more severe at night. While I’m already having difficulty sleeping, my calves begin to cramp and keep me awake. The pain can get quite severe. I’ve researched different medications for menopause, and they all include long-term side-effects that are more more devastating than sore calves, feeling hot and trouble sleeping. I would prefer to utilize natural remedies. Living in New York State, medical cannabis has been legal for some time. I’ve been reluctant to go through the process and pay the expense for a medical marijuana card that would only last a year. Recreational cannabis has finally been legalized in New York. I assumed that meant dispensaries would be opening up right away. Instead, the process of handing out licenses to dispensaries and determining all of the restrictions has been very long and tedious. From what I’ve been able to find out online, recreational cannabis should be available this December. I truly believe that cannabis products are the solution to my many symptoms.

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