We got a motel room for after the concert

My bestie plus I scored tickets to go to a concert in Tampa, the Tampa concert was held in a locale not too far from a couple of nice hotels, then since the concert did not start until 8:00 p.m, however my buddy and I knew it was going to be actually late when my pal and I were driving home, and instead of trying to drive that late at evening, my pal and I decided to get a hotel room instead. My buddy and I did not make reservations early. My buddy and I waited until the day of our trip to find a hotel, and by that time, most of the Tampa hotels were already booked up. My buddy and I need to find anything close to the music locale at all. My buddy and I were stuck getting a room closer to the interstate, about 10 miles away from the concert site, when my bestie plus I showed up to check into our hotel room, my pal and I had to sign a bunch of paperwork plus forms. I’ve never had to fill out so much paperwork for a $76 hotel room, then at least the A/C device was blowing ice freezing air. The A/C device looked practically brand new. My bestie plus I set the temperature on the A/C device to 69° plus my pal and I had to turn it up halfway through the evening because it was so cold. The A/C worked better than the one my pal and I have at home. The bed was pretty comfortable too, plus both of us slept great. My buddy and I woke up the next day plus drove back home… Next time my pal and I go to Tampa, I’ll be sure to book a hotel room ahead of time.

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