We spent a sweet morning at Jordan Valley Park

My husband and I hadn’t been alone since our child was born three months ago, then my mom came to visit last yearand told us it was time to get some time alone! She provided to keep Mason while my fantastic friend and I made the choice to go out for a while! I grew up in Springfield, MO, and loved Jordan Valley Park! There was so much to do there, and I never got enough of it.

It was late Spring, and the weather was warming up, but it wasn’t too hot for a picnic.

I packed a picnic basket, and my fantastic friend and I headed to Jordan Valley Park. It is in the middle of Springfield, but it doesn’t feel that way. There are red sods, a stunning water fountain that seems to get the most attraction! Jordan Valley Park is one of the best locales to visit during the summer. There is a walking trail that has constantly been a draw for me. My pal and I had a blanket, and my fantastic friend and I relaxed on the blanket in the fountain’s shadow, then after eating our dinner, my fantastic friend and I took a stroll down the walking trail. It was the nicest afternoon my husband, and I had since the baby was born, but my fantastic friend and I knew it was time to get back. My pal and I wanted to make sure my mom was okay, since she hadn’t had adolescents with her since I lived at home. I thanked her for taking care of the baby and told her I was glad she was going to see. My pal and I talked about getting out with the baby when my husband was working. As long as it was in the upper eighties, she number one to be home where there was air conditioning.

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