Why is the movie theater's air conditioning so chilly?

There is a movie theater close to where I live in Royal Palm Beach.

  • I adore the Regal Royal Palm Beach because, despite its size, it is never overly crowded.

My husband and I enjoy visiting the theater to see the latest movies. Particularly in action films, where we can lose ourselves completely in the action. Of course, I get all the good food, including popcorn, candy, nachos, and a huge soda. My husband and I will watch the movie while gorging on all our treats. Because the theater is always chilly, I typically bring a sweater or jacket when I go to the movies. The air conditioning seems to be constantly set to the lowest setting. There must be a reason why it is always so cold inside the theater, even though I’m not sure what the thermostat is set to. I completely neglected to bring my sweater with me when we last visited Regal. I naturally froze throughout the entire film as a result. It was worse because there was no one in the theater. I had the impression that I was in an ice box. I obviously complained constantly about the air conditioning, and when my husband inquired about it with a member of staff, they informed him that there was nothing they could do about it. It appears that air conditioning is required by law in movie theaters, which makes sense given that such a large number of people cannot be accommodated in an enclosed space for more than two to three hours. But to make the A/C more comfortable, I wish they could change the temperature. In any case, I’ll never forget to bring my sweater home again.

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