Wood Stove was pointless for AL

When I moved in I found a wood stove. Living in Birmingham means that my pal and I do get periods of cold, but to own a wood stove seemed odd… The previous owner had it all vented to. The woodstove sat on a brick pad and was vented through the wood ceiling to the roof. They even added a stack on the roof. The wood stove was wash as a whistle when I moved in though. They very never used it, however all the condo photos featured that design though. They were honestly proud of this heating system! I tried using it once. The furnace was worthless for the Birmingham colder days. It could barely hear the residing room. It took up so much space and burned wood, however do you know how swiftly fire burns wood? Insanely fast. After doing an AL winter season I realized that I would never use that woodstove again, however so I sold the system to a guy that wanted it for a hunting lodge in Birmingham. I then had to rip up the brick pad and redo my flooring, then next was removing the venting and patching my wood ceiling, and finally I had to call roofers to detach the stack and fix anything left behind. It was a lot of time, work, effort, and money to detach a heating system that just wasn’t too impressive. I can’t guess that somebody thought it was a unbelievable idea to have a woodstove in Birmingham, AL. The winter season seasons do get cold, but they don’t get that cold. Not enough to have a supplemental furnace that is.

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