Work trip to Fort Worth

I recently traveled to Fort Worth, TX for work, and i was shocked at how sizzling that entire state is. I am used to milder summers where I only wear a tank top in the heat of the afternoon, then the evenings are cool to where I put on a sweater and pants. In Fort Worth, the heat is no joke, then you can’t get by without a familiar working A/C. Thankfully that entire town isn’t messing around with their cooling systems. I basically ran from one air conditioned locale to the other, and my hotel had quality AC, a pool and a fitness room, but due to all this, I really enjoyed my stay. The locale of work that I was at used a high velocity A/C to chill the entire space. It was an ingenious way to operate. It uses small, flexible HVAC duct in the older slats of a building. Then the air can suddenly whip from room to room by lowering the temperature in minutes rather than hours. There was no humidity or sizzling spots. There was no waiting for the building to feel cool. I was amazed at how infrequently the A/C needed to turn on. This Is the future of A/C for sure. I need the sunshine, good food, sweet people and A/Cs. I was relieved to return house to where it wasn’t so sizzling though. I am just not built for the heat and humidity. I like being able to wear a sweater once in a while.

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