Working from our apartment in Lowell and using a smart temperature control

Slowly down the amount of heat in sections of my apartment has saved me so much cash

When I moved to Lowell, Massachusetts it was for a task. I wasn’t too satisfied with the cold and the snow… But it seemed like a fantastic idea to go there for the extra cash, well a few years ago COVID happened and a ton of people lost their tasks. I was included in this. I hunted around and now I work totally from home. I am way happier and genuinely make more cash, however now I stick close to apartment when it is super cold… Since I am apartment so much I have invested heavily in my heating equipment. It makes sense to have a fantastic heating system when you live in Lowell. It also makes sense to utilize a smart temperature control for being a work from apartment person. With a smart temperature control I can have low heating in the rest of the house. I make sure to heat the apartment in unused parts just enough that nothing freezes, however my office is heated perfectly so I am comfortable… The smart temperature control has the heating system turn on the moment I am in there and turns off the moment my work day ends. I also have the rest of the home slowly start to get warmer as my day is ending. That way I transport from one nice area to the other. Slowly down the amount of heat in sections of my apartment has saved me so much cash. My furnace also seems to be doing better since it rarely has to heat an entire home to 70 degrees during the winter. Working from apartment has saved much more than my sanity.


Lowell Massachusetts Central heating