Phoenix has many venues with air conditioning

After I survived my last snowstorm while living in the Northern part of the country, where it snowed for 2 days straight and we got a total of 25 inches of snow, I decided that I wanted to move to a state that had little to no snow. Initially, I considered moving to a tropical place like the south or Hawaii until I realized how expensive it was to live in those areas. After some thorough research, I finally decided to move to Phoenix Arizona. It rarely snows in Phoenix, in fact, it only snows every 25 years and the last time it snowed was back in 1933 where they had a dusting of 1 inch of snow. The weather is also fairly mild during the Winter and the average temperature usually hovers around 68 degrees. While the Summers can be brutal with temperatures in the 100s, the Winters are always beautiful here. During the Summer months, I mostly stay indoors where there is air conditioning. And when I do go out, I always find a place with great air conditioning or I wait until the evening when the weather cools down a bit. I prefer to deal with the heat in Phoenix than to deal with the snow and cold while living up North. At least, I can find some refuge from the heat at the many venues with air conditioning. When it snows, the only place to find refuge is at home as everything in the city closes down. I am not saying there aren’t some disadvantages to living in Phoenix but not having to deal with snow again is enough of a reason why I love this city so much.
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