Reducing energy waste

Living in Fort Worth, TX, requires both a heating and cooling system, however for approximately six months per year, the outdoor temperature climbs above the mid eighties and the humidity is excessive, during the winter, the eveningtime temperature often drops down into the thirties, and my pal and I experience an abundance of rain and can expect many inches of snow annually; With four separate seasons and a mix of weather conditions conditions, there is seldom an opportunity to simply open the windows, however the cost of heating and cooling adds up to around half of house energy consumption.

Utility costs are a big part of the budget.

In an attempt to minimize expenses, I’ve worked to tighten up my home in Fort Worth. I invested into Energy Star rated windows and carefully caulked around them. I updated both the front and back door and weatherstripped. I added a fresh layer of insulation to the attic and updated to a smart temperature control. I installed ceiling fans that help to push the heat toward the floor while in the winter time and encourage it up and out while in the summer! A tightly sealed thermal envelope helps the heating and cooling system to operate more efficiently; Less energy is wasted… However, I’ve also reduced natural ventilation, creating a stale and stuffy living environment. With dander, dust and other contaminants getting trapped indoors, I worry about the health of my family, just recently, I invested into a whole-home media air cleaner. The indoor air quality accessory installed into the HVAC duct, where it sanitizes the air as it passes through. It works to trap pollutants, get rid of odors and kill bacteria and viruses.

Fort Worth Texas Cooling system