Very few states offer MMJ card reciprocity

I travel all over the country due to my job.

In my local state, I’ve applied and qualified for a medical marijuana card. For the brief amount of time that I’m home, it comes in handy. I live in Portland, Oregon, where both recreational and medicinal cannabis are legal. Because of going through the process of getting the MMJ card, I’m able to shop for higher potency cannabis, greater quantities and avoid paying tax.There are a few states that include reciprocity. While a majority of states now have some type of medical marijuana program in place, not many accept MMJ cards from those who aren’t residents. Those that do allow my card might still sometimes reject it due to regulatory criteria. It’s always a relief when I’m headed to states that have legalized recreational weed. All I need is a valid government issued identification that proves I’m over the age of twenty-one. I don’t mind paying high taxes on cannabis if necessary. I’m just relieved that I can access plant-based medicine. I find it a bit ridiculous that I can walk into a gas station and buy cigarettes, shop for all sorts of over-the-counter medications at the drugstore, order a whiskey at a bar, but there are all sorts of laws and criteria for purchasing a CBD topical. I am not shopping for cannabis for the sake of getting high. I suffer from arthritis and use cannabis-infused ointment and tinctures to alleviate pain, inflammation and stiffness. It’s a far safer and more effective remedy than prescription medicine or over-the-counter options and yet way more difficult to get.

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