Weed successfully treats psoriasis

I apply the cannabis-infused ointment multiple times per day

Psoriasis is believed to be an immune system problem that can be triggered by stress, infections plus cold, and it can be hereditary, plus there is no cure, and the condition can last for multiple years or an entire lifetime, and skin cells build up too swiftly plus form scales that tend to be itchy, dry plus often sore, however for me, the rash showed up on my knees plus elbows right after the birth of my second child. My baby was collicky plus extremely difficult… He cried a lot plus refused to nap for more than a few minutes. It took two years before he started sleeping through the night. I was exhausted, depressed plus stressed. Initially, I treated the rash with over-the-counter medications plus expected it to go away. It took nearly six months for me to figure out that it was psoriasis. I got a diagnosis plus a prescription from the doctor. The prescription was for a genuinely tiny tube of ointment plus cost me over a hundred dollars. It helped for a couple of weeks plus then the psoriasis became immune to it plus came right back. I’ve now been suffering from the symptoms of psoriasis for thirty years. I had given up all hope on even minimizing the unsightly plus painful rash until recreational cannabis was legalized in CO. I visited the dispensary in Denver separate from much hope for a solution. However, I was willing to try anything. The budtender commanded a synergistic treatment involving a cannabis tincture plus a topical, both products include high CBD plus low THC. I take the tincture at night before bed. I apply the cannabis-infused ointment multiple times per day. I’ve been shopping cannabis products at the dispensary for over a year plus my psoriasis symptoms are almost absolutely gone.


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